Learning Guitar Is As Easy As ABC!

Learn How To
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Learning Guitar Is As Easy As ABC!


Thousands of people, just like you, have discovered how to play the guitar by simply following the easy, step-by-step lessons inside the ABC Learn Guitar eBook.


Designed especially for beginners
- includes videos!


2 Bonus eBooks!

Bonus #1 - The Guide to Tab Notation


Bonus #2 - Learn2Read Music Primer


These excellent resources are perfect supplements to compliment your
ABC Learn Guitar eBook.

Dear Reader,

Are you searching for an easy method for learning how to play guitar?

Are you tired of watching hot-shot videos that demonstrate lightning fast guitar licks, while you can't even play one chord clearly?

Let me help put an end to your frustration!

Imagine picking up your guitar and being able to play...

  • Popular Songs
  • Chord Progressions and Scales
  • Riffs and Licks
  • Easy 12 Bar Blues

Perhaps you are like many beginners who are spending countless hours surfing the web for information on how to play the guitar. All you want is someone who can help YOU learn how to play...

...instead of showing-off how good THEY are!

Well, if that’s what you’re after, then the ABC Learn Guitar eBook is for you! It was created especially for beginners and even includes videos to help accelerate your learning process.

Though some people might like you to believe otherwise, there really isn’t a miracle path to learning how to play the guitar. But, with this helpful guide, you can be strumming along in no time at all!


"I have been playing for 1 week now and was getting frustrated already by all of the different ways of learning off of the web! Try’ed lesson 4 and 5 just now and finally learned how to [put] 3 or 4 chords together. I also learned what a chord actually is! You are the only person who is explaining this in a way I can understand. It is finally clicking a little.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I will be following the rest of your lesson. By the way I am left handed and also 43 years old. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again - George"

The number one reason people fail is because they lose their ability to stay FOCUSED.

But you won't have to worry about that because each lesson inside the ABC Learn Guitar eBook provides a Primary Objective and a Practical Application to help keep you on track.

Inside you will discover the "secrets" you need to know in order to become a better musician...

SECRET #1 - Understanding Note Values
SECRET #2 - Understanding Time Signatures
SECRET #3 - Understanding Key Signatures
SECRET #4 - Understanding Rhythm
SECRET #5 - Understanding Basic Music Theory

In fact, there are 52 chapters in all!  

There are many students, just like you, who have already benefited from the 20+ years of experience that I’ve acquired as a guitar teacher. I've included a couple of their "unsolicited" testimonies on this page so that you can read the proof for yourself.

The nice thing is...  now you can benefit too!


"What a great guitar ebook , very well written, better than books I’ve bought. - Thanks, geoff"

"I just went to check out the ebook, it's fantastic! Thank you again. - Take care :) Kiittyyy"

"Thank you! I've passed you're website on to a few friends; one of whom is also learning to play. I will definitely be visiting the site. You offer the best explanation that makes the most sense to me, I really glad I found it! - Christine"

By simply following my easy, step-by-step instructions, you will soon be able to...

  • Identify notes on the fretboard
  • Tune the guitar by ear
  • Read tablature
  • Transpose chords into different keys
  • Use a capo
  • Use a metronome

You will also get access to...

Finger Coordination Skills, Videos, Chord Charts, Printable PDF Files, Muscle Memory Techniques & more!


ABC Learn Guitar eBookI have every confidence that the ABC Learn Guitar eBook, videos, and other resources I provide, will help you reap results and see an overall improvement in your playing. Guaranteed!

Not to mention the hours of time and money you will save on guitar lessons!

Plus... the ABC Learn Guitar eBook is a PDF file, so there are no monthly fees.

After you download it you will be able to read the lessons (written in plain English) on your own computer.

You can also print a hard copy of the lessons so you can study and review them off-line anytime and anywhere you want to.

Best of all, you don't have to wait until the mailman brings your package!


But Wait! That's Not All...

2 Bonus eBooks Are Included!


Bonus #1

The Guide to Tab NotationTo be successful as a guitarist it is essential for you to know how to read and write tab.

So, I will give you The Guide to Tab Notation absolutely FREE when you place your order.

In addition to explaining how to read and write tab, it will also show you how to play specific guitar techniques such as... hammers, slides, pull-offs, etc...


Bonus #2

Learn2Read Music PrimerThe Learn2Read Music Primer will introduce you to some of the basic fundamentals of music.

You will learn the names of notes and clefs, where the notes are placed on the staves, how to identify the lines and spaces of a Grand Staff.

You'll also learn how a chord is written, how to understand the duration of note values, and how to understand the value of rests.

In addition, this primer covers time signatures, measures, the major scale, PLUS the most commonly used words, symbols and terms in music.


These excellent resources are perfect supplements to compliment your ABC Learn Guitar eBook.



"Thank you so much Kathy--I have just finished printing the eBook and I really do appreciate it--I think I am going to like you Kathy, I truly believe that you really want to help people with your musical knowledge. - Sam"


60 Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!


60 Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!


"Get instant access to...

The ABC Learn Guitar eBook


The Guide to Tab Notation & Learn2Read Music Primer

absolutely FREE with your order!


YES! I want to take advantage of this great opportunity and get the ABC Learn Guitar Ebook,

plus the FREE Guide to Tab Notation & Learn2Read Music Primer so I can start playing guitar today...


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Buy The ABC Learn Guitar eBook


Begin your journey to becoming the musician you've always wanted to be!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


All the best to your guitar playing success!

Kathy Unruh
Kathy Unruh